Partners and sponsors

VOGRIPA is an international partnership of several institutions and is being led and co-ordinated from the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Bristol, United Kingdom. The Smithsonian Institution is a major partner and there is collaboration with the Geological Survey of Japan and the British Geological Survey. A major research grant from the European Research Council was awarded to Bristol University to provide resources from January 2009 for 5 years to enable VOGRIPA to increase its activity and ambitions, and is also supported by generous funds from Munich Re.

VOGRIPA has an official partnership with the State University of New York at Buffalo who, along with staff from the British Geological Survey, are working on the first hazards database in relation to dome-forming eruptions. The University of South Florida is also involved, particularly focussing on Japanese eruptions, and through statistical expertise in analysis of magnitude-frequency and the influence of under-recording. VOGRIPA also has access to a database on volcanic landslides (debris avalanches) put together by Ms Anja Dufresne (University of Canterbury, New Zealand), which includes morphological data on the associated sector collapse structures.

There is an advisory committee set up to discuss the developments of VOGRIPA, the members of which are: Chris Newhall (Earth Observatory of Singapore), Anselm Smolka (Munich Re), Shinji Takarada (Geological Survey of Japan) and Lee Siebert (Smithsonian Institution).

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